E Fun 2-in-1 tablet Nextbook Flexx 9 open book

Following the successful launch of Windows 8.1 Tablet PC, E Fun has introduced the latest low-end 2-in-1 device –Nextbook Flexx 9.

Nextbook Flexx 9 used the 8.9 -inch IPS screen, a resolution of 1280 x, using a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core Bay DDR3L Trail processor, 1 gb memory + 32 gb SSD 64 gb microSD expansion (support) and front/rear 2 million 300000 megapixel camera.

Set includes the Pogo the rid_device_info_keyboard (can be connected through the flat part at the bottom of the interface), the machine support wi-fi, bluetooth 4.0, a USB 2.0, a microUSB 2.0, and a microHDMI video output. In addition, it also built a three-axis accelerometer, for game players.

Nextbook Flexx 9 equipment with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office 10 mobile version of the suite.

The machine has been scheduled by wal-mart, the price is $139, and it is contains the flat parts, and removable type keyboard, price.


Nokia announced listed OZO panoramic camera

In Los Angeles, according to reports in July of this year, nokia launched a new hardware products – panoramic camera OZO virtual reality. After nearly three months of waiting, nokia announced that OZO will officially listed on November 30.

nokia ozo

OZO is a new generation of 360 degrees of audio, video camera. Nokia, OZO equipped with up to eight 8 synchronous cameras and microphones, can shoot stereoscopic 3 d video, audio, let users to get the real experience of virtual reality.

In addition, nokia hasn’t OZO provides professional matching software, allows users to experience real-time 3D video, without a panoramic photographs taken in advance. Film editing represent, however, can be tricky, but users can directly through the OculucRift VR headsets, such as for viewing.

There are excursion video studio (Jaunt Inc.) would like to will also support and use OZO for Hollywood, the entertainment, advertising and other industries, the most effective tools for making virtual reality film.

It is understood that the device by the nokia research and development laboratory, will be made in Finland, early is not geared to the needs of ordinary consumers, so the price also is not open.