Facebook Surrond360 release

Facebook’s F8 developer conference released a set of 3D Surrond 360 camera hardware and software products, which is Facebook’s VR subsidiary Oculus ecological products.

Surrond 360 look like a frisbee, consists of 17 cameras. 14 77 – degree wide Angle lens of a camera in a circle, at the top of a fisheye camera, equipped with two at the bottom of the fisheye lens.

The camera support 2048 x2048 4.1 million pixels video shooting, maximum 60 FPS, using USB 3.0 interface. The cost of form a complete set of equipment need $30000. Surrond 360 hardware and software solutions will be open source, developers can use Facebook’s design to create their own 3D camera products.

In addition, the whole Angle of the camera video is a 360 degree by Facebook’s supporting software automatic rendering of 3D video


The new 12 inch MacBook exposure

Recently, 12 inch Macbook exposure in the Mac OS X server applications, this means that, from the arrival of the device is near.

12 inch MacBook in Mac OS X application service exposure, some netizens dug deeper and found that the new will use the new Skylake processor. Revelations of processors were 2.2 GHz Core m3-6Y30, 2.7 GHz Core m5-6Y54 and 3.1 GHz Core m7-6Y75.

Skylake is the sixth generation of Intel microprocessor architecture, the use of 14 nm process, 60% of power consumption, lower than the Broadwell GPU game has a 50% improvement in performance.


This year introduced two new Blackberry or Android new machine

While there are many analysts believe the blackberry after after several obstacles should not be involved in the smartphone business, but according to foreign media’s latest news, blackberry may not be ready to give up.

Czech, according to latest news blog the next new handsets may not use the blackberry code Vienna (prior model code), that is to say, this may be a new mobile phone, is expected in the fall of 2016. And Hamburg is a positioning of the mobile phone in the end, or around $400, will be fully adopts touch screen operation.

In addition, still is the news of the Czech, BlackBerry plans in late 2016 to launch a called BlackBerry Rome’s mobile phone, Rome positioning is taller than Hamburg, and combined with QWERTY keyboard. This kind of mobile phone market is expected to be on the market in Hamburg again after a few months.


Video Editor from Wondershare review

Tailored to the first-time non-linear video editor, Wondershare Video Editor provides all the liberty you need to organize clips and music with a wealth of offered filters and shifts. This is a beautiful and capable piece of software application.

Video Editorfrom Wondershare review

Filmora is an all-in-one home video editor that has effective capability and a totally stacked feature set. Filmora is a solid app that provides you the features and styles that have actually been formerly only offered to professional film makers that have a specific level of experience and the expensive applications to match. Filmora has an easy drag and drop user interface, which offers you the freedom to be artistic with the story that you want to create. Key features: Text and titles: support for animated text. Music library: support for including your music tracks. Overlays and filters: specifically designed filters and overlays to give your an expert finish. Aspects: Still and movement graphic support. Distinct visual impacts: you can include over 100 visual results. Speed control: Slow motion and time lapse support.

Unlike other skilled video editing software application such as Adobe premiere you demand a long period of time to obtain used it however you can edit your video with Filmore in a quick studying curve. It has a large range of various effects that you can implement in any video of your option. You can use it to make any setting more attractive and colorful, or you can use it to create a darker state of mind. Whatever your choice is, the outcome that you will achieve is amazing and there are few other software application applications readily available that resembled the Wondershare Filmora’s level. What’s more, the editing is done so efficiently that in many cases individuals overlook that the video has actually been edited in any possible way. The software is a genuinely a fantastic tool that you can use to develop remarkable videos of any length and quality.

Impacts, shifts, PIP: Wondershare Video Editor includes a large array of impacts that become wonderfully noticeable in the timeline. The results we achieved were stylish, and we would be tough pushed to distinguish them from those of editing software application that costs often times more.

Everything in view: You will like the fresh-looking black and purple interface with its well-indicated functions and
discreet buttons and graphics. Although there is no significant departure from typical NLE designs, we discovered our way around it unbelievably quickly, because the playback and timeline panels are always kept fixed– just the top left panel is taking the kind of each function or result.

Wealth of import and export options: Imported files from 4 various SD/HD sources were handled with ease. Export alternatives are rich and tailored for novice users with easy-to-understand decisions of device, format, social network, or DVD– each with its own sub-options.

No effect or transition editor: This is the only feature that we feel is missing out on; with it, this app would be even better.

Bottom Line
Wondershare Video Editor stands apart as potentially the most lovely and efficient video software application we have actually seen in a long time. It consists of all the basic tools you need to get in the amazing world of NLEs. All in all, it brings satisfaction to video editing, and we absolutely recommended it for newbie NLE editors that wish to be creative without the straitjacket of established workflows and templates.

If you are in need of an expert and easy to navigate around video editing software, then you can be specific that the Wondershare Filmora will do a fantastic task fulfilling all your requirements. In addition to supplying you with a vast array of features, the application is likewise notable for its affordable and economical cost. If you are trying to find an item that will permit to do a lot of modifications to a video without making it too apparent, you can be sure that this is the item for you.

At $29.99, we feel it’s a bargain. Also, 30 % discount coupon is available here.


Wondershare MobileGo for Android Review

MobileGo from Wondershare is type of two products. The starting, the MobileGo app for Android, without a doubt is the device cleaning up and optimization application along with group of specifications that assist speed up and boost ones cellphone’ results. The second is your companion app for the actual PC which supplies slew associated with characteristics and also power tools when it comes to managing every google android system.

We can easily utilize the best free of cost MobileGo Android app just as a standalone product or service whether someone would like. This tool contains a particular app administrator furthermore system optimisation tools, and the best segment concentrated in order to trouble shooting program problems shoppers will look.

The app manager permits shoppers that will help observe exactly how much area each application is actually consuming up and also individually or volume uninstall all. Our own optimization technology will result in memory space boost simply by cleaning history operations and also taking out any sort of rubbish applications plus caches which were unnecessary and also creating lag. I’m generally skeptical about why so these kinds of programs get the job done just as various background activities instantly get started operating once more as soon as typically the scan has ceased, plus it’ exactly the alike using the MobileGo.

There is besides the home display widget that will supplies quick availability at the actual memory enhancing characteristic at swipe as well as fast – accessibility sheet about toggles serving access to your equipment’ settings and functions such as cam and torch which can be slid in from the right. It replicates plenty of alternatives identified in the actual notification compartment, although there are some extras in there.

The actual mobile Pros? section, having Android FAQs and troubleshooting trips, is helpful in case the matter has-been talked by another MobileGo end-users. Indeed there are generally each numbers related with product specific content and additionally recommended solutions, however I kept forgetting this one area ended up being show then defaulted to be able to researching the actual web-site. Relying at your personal practice, members may very well come across most worthwhile strategies around there.

In the MobileGo app, an individual could also take care of any files, recognize parts where the actual vast majority related with your individual storage is definitely being stolen and also by selection remove picture, video clip and audio files. Specific tidy attribute about MobileGo is actually their ability to help find comparable lookin photo in your library, with ease enabling individuals in order to identify data files in which could possibly be removed that you can keep space.

As long as UI goes, it’ fast and easy enough in order to know. Generally there are usually some qualities concealed away as part of the settings, nonetheless with each very little search and you抣l acquire MobileGo discovered out.

MobileGo moves further than just a technology optmization and mass media managing app though. The particular application extends to help the desktop having a Windows app which offers a lot more instruments for your own android mobile phone gadget. On top of the desktop, individuals can backup or regain your system, handle your own mass media as well as applications, transfer data amongst cell phones, also even more.

To accessibility any of MobileGo’ capabilities on the desktop, you will clearly have to be comfortable helping USB debugging upon the particular preferred system. Right after completed, linking is perfectly done around USB or Wi-Fi (with an on-screen QR code for easy pairing).

The managing equipment within MobileGo upon desktop are actually in depth. It’ terrific to enjoy a tool that is equipped to manage every thing through apps to contacts to media as well as backing up plus restoring. For the tracks, MobileGo appears as amazing along with apple itunes in case that’ necessary for you personally additionally backing up is actually conveniently accomplished using just one single click. Individuals might actually deliver Text Message messages using your Personal Computer anytime their cellphone is connected as well as reflect the cell’ display in your laptop computer or personal computer machine.

Fundamental regarding various will be the means to root your systems. Rooting is reached featuring its very own pair of positive aspects plus negatives, nonetheless MobileGo can possibly root your product for everyone in a simple and easy steps that also needs only just one click.

MobileGo’ desktop software functions very well enough and is straightforward. I solely found some of bugs and hiccups through testing however just like the mobile phone app, minimal investigation goes further. MobileGo helps a lot of mobile phones to choose from most of the important OEMs nonetheless when you are really not sure if yours is on the list, members can possibly discover out here.

The leading problem to making use of MobileGo on the desktop is the required Wondershare Passport account. Owners can subscribe for one with their email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ recommendations and use it all over Wondershare’ services and products, however doing so may not be for everybody.


Microsoft Hyperlapse time-lapse photography support 1080 p video recording

Microsoft in May last year launched a time-lapse photography called Hyperlapse application, one big characteristic is able to help ordinary users easily produce stable time-lapse photography video. And it’s the latest news, update Hyperlapse has ushered in a blockbuster, the new version will be supported by the highest resolution from 720 p to 1080 p level, at the same time the user can also choose to save time-lapse photography video to SD card.


It is important to note that if you can’t 1080 p video recording equipment itself or does not support SD card capacity expansion, so the two new features has nothing to do with you. But for the Nexus 5 x users, one of the good news is that Microsoft has repaired the Hyperlapse related bugs, this bottom can finally to make a time-lapse photography video. It is understood that the latest version of Microsoft Hyperlapse has formally on Google Play app store.


The iPhone has flexible screen technology

According to the U.S. Patent Office formally announced 54 new apple patents, we have found is called “Flexible Electronic Devices” patents. Meaning is collapsible electronic equipment. Patent contains the folding the mainboard and batteries. At the same time, including OLED screen.

According to Apple’s patent reserves practice, probably in the future will be applied with its iPhone, iPad, and Apple on the Watch. This patent is launched in 2013, with samsung to put forward the flexible screen is almost the same time. In 2015, apple was modified for the patent. The patent may already entered the apple on the formal business plan.

Don’t know where is the generation of product can be seen on the flexible screen.


Panasonic push new mobile devices

In this session of MWC, Japanese manufacturers of panasonic unveiled new Toughpad is three level enterprise Mobile devices, and respectively introduced the built-in Windows 10 Mobile system of FZ – F1 and Android 5.1.1 FZ – N1 two versions of the system.

It is reported that two versions of the Toughpad product are built into the qualcomm Snpadragon 801 processor, frequency of 2.3 GHz, at the same time, equipped with 720 p resolution 4.7 -inch screen, 2 gb memory and 16 gb fuselage storage space.

In addition, the new Toughpad equipped with professional bar code scanner, and support the wear gloves operation, as well as the light and the rain sensor model, to ensure normal work can be very environment, dust-proof waterproof level has reached the IP67 level, can soak 1 hour 30 minutes underwater. And on the ability to drop, can resist 1.85 meters of the fall of 2000 times in a row.

Life aspect, new Toughpad built-in 3200 mah capacity battery, can be used at least for a whole day, and at the same time can also be equipped with 6200 mah battery extensions, add 2 days. At the same time, the two models, please Toughpad support double card double stay, and have 100 decibels the volume of the front speakers.
The wi-fi version listed Toughpad will take the lead in the next month, sells for $1499, and can call phone version will be listed in the summer of this year. In addition, the Windows version release in the fall of this year, priced at $1599.

Although from the configuration and size, it seems, two the Touchpad can be basically as a smartphone, but panasonic still insisted on calling it the tablet, we can also expect a can call the version of the telephone.


HTC One M10 specifications exposure for the first time

Although the upcoming flagship new compared to other manufacturers, HTC One M10 seem much mystery, but there are still a lot of message is emerged recently. By @ evleaks in website Venturebeat article disclosed the HTC One M10 configuration part of the specification.

HTC One M10

According to @ evleaks disclosure, HTC this upcoming flagship model code “Perfume”, enter the retail market in the future will be named HTC One M10, and used in accordance with the prototype of the insiders revealed that, the machine will be equipped with 5.1 inch 2 k resolution touchscreen, and seems to be used is AMOLED
panel, carrying Android6.0.1 system and HTC Sense 8.0 interface. In addition, the HTC One M10 are positive on the home button of integrated the function of fingerprint identification.

HTC One M10

According to the insiders, however, because of the HTC One M10 appearance still have may change, so now talk about what the machine design is not necessary. After, @ evleaks twitter said, if you like the HTC A9, so would like HTC M10, seems to HTC One M10 design will continue to HTC One A9 style.

As for HTC One M10 main hardware specifications, the machine will carry snapdragon 820 processor and 530 Adreno graphics chip, with 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM storage combination, minus the system in terms of storage capacity and the pre-installed software will offer users using 23 gb, and supports the memory card extension.

HTC will also improve the quality of imaging of cell phone camera, the HTC One M8 and M9 also use 4 million pixels UltraPixe lens and try after 20 million pixels main cameras, the machine will use the new 12 million pixels UltraPixe lens, and supporting auxiliary focusing laser and optical image stabilization function. But temporarily not clear this sensor related technical specifications, a single pixel expected to have large size, in order to gain higher into the light, and to improve the imaging quality. In addition, the machine will also be for the front lens in optical image stabilization function, this clearly does not see more in the industry.

But unlike previous products, HTC One M10 this seems to be canceled the front double speaker design, performance in sound quality will be affected, or how other HTC adopted design, temporarily no other more information.

As for the machine’s release time, HTC One M10 MWC meeting will not be at the end of February, but will choose One at a later time dedicated to hold conference officially launched the new flagship. But is not clear yet a specific release date and the future sales price, but access to the machine insiders seem to HTC One M10 future prospects are optimistic, think that should be welcomed by the market.


LG G5 more news exposure

LG officials had earlier announced that will be held on February 21, product launches, and said it will launch its new smartphones on MWC, long-awaited LG G5 seems to be coming.

At present released third-party accessories LG G5 rendering, made clear the G5 will adopts the design of dual cameras, fingerprint identification is designed in the back of the fuselage. Accessories part no opening of the power button, or integrate with fingerprint identification.

LG volume key G5 be moved to the fuselage side, is at the bottom of the USB Type – C interface. It is reported, LG G5 with integration all metal body design, screen resolution for the 2 k levels. Processors use qualcomm snapdragon 820, carrying 3 g transport and 32 gb storage fuselage, run Android 6.0 system.

According to previous exposure, LG G5 will add Magic Slot function, VR cameras can access to 360 degrees, such as physical keyboard intelligent hardware modules.

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