Nikon has just published their KeyMission image in the world expo 360 in more detail, and it is a nikon released early this year’s CES 360 – degree camera product. In addition, besides KeyMission 360, nikon is also issued two of this series of new products, are like GoPro support 4 k video taken KeyMission 170 sports camera and KeyMission 80 live camera. Three new KeyMission series camera product will be officially launched in October, which is launched the first portable camera nikon series products.

First is the KeyMission 360 of $499, at the beginning of this product in CES debut, but nikon did not disclose more details at the time, just said to take 360 degrees 4 k resolution video. Now we know the aircraft is more parameters, including the f / 2.0 aperture 20 million pixels SMOS sensors, and compared with samsung Gear 360 equipped with 10 million pixels, nikon KeyMission 360 can take better picture quality.

Before two weeks we have seen KeyMission 360 video demonstration, in effect than Gear 360 images clearer and more colorful, and 360 degrees of the seams of the video is not clear. So from the point of view of overall configuration, KeyMission 360 than 360 more professional some Gear. KeyMission 360 also supports 30 meters waterproof and 2 meters drop, and able to work under the environment of 10 degrees Celsius below zero.

KeyMission 170 followed by $399, it seems to have some similarities with GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a rounded rectangle body design, and an aperture of the lens. At the same time, also equipped with a display screen on the back of the KeyMission 170, but doesn’t support touch operation, and the need to rely on the physical buttons next to the set. KeyMission 170, meanwhile, the same as the name has a 170 – degree wide Angle lens and 8.3 million pixels CMOS sensor, and support 4 k high-definition video shooting ability.

Also like KeyMission 360, 170 also supports this KeyMission 30 meters waterproof, 2 meters drop and 10 degrees below zero working environment.

Finally KeyMission 80 is $279, this is a super mini lightweight portable camera, and is equipped with two cameras before and after. The front-facing camera equipped with a 12000000 megapixel CMOS sensor and aperture of f / 2.0 and 80 – degree wide Angle lens, while the rear camera to 5 million pixels, the aperture to f / 2.2, and is equipped with a 1.75 -inch touch LCD display.
Nikon will KeyMission 80 as a portable camera, can replace smart phones to record life anytime and anywhere. Of course, it also can be used in some workplaces, after all, the design of the dual cameras or can be used for some special film.

Three nikon KeyMission series camera is supported by the latest Snapbridge application, compatible with Android and iOS, support bluetooth and wi-fi connection with low power consumption, users can uninterrupted will take pictures of video and synchronous to the smartphone.

Currently on the market that he could take 4 k 360 degrees high-definition video camera products is not much, so as a latecomer in the field of sports camera, nikon is thus the momentum.