According to the recent exposure of, samsung upcoming Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, one of the biggest change is equipped with a USB Type – C interface, and from the perspective of the photos of all the exposure, seem to confirm this claim, but also the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack is still retained.

In addition, at the same time with the Galaxy Note 7 appearance also includes a new generation of Gear VR 2 virtual reality helmet, as a result of current Gear VR is using a microUSB interface, so we can not compatible with the Galaxy Note 7, will launch a new generation of products, at the same time, the price of this kind of Gear VR 2 around 90 euros.

And now, in addition to price, Gear VR 2 photos first appeared in front of us. Look from the picture, Gear VR 2 except to switch to USB Type – C interface also USES all black color, and also a slight change in the front part of the design.

It is unclear what the new generation of Gear VR 2 only supports the Galaxy Note 7 is compatible with, including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge before use microUSB interface devices. In addition for Gear VR 2, samsung is likely to add new sensors, increase wearing comfort, enhance the user experience. And all we will wait until August 2 conference to a outcome.