“My messages have been deleted and I’d like to retrieve iMessages from iPhone. And about one week ago I synced my iPhone with iTunes on my Computer, Can someone please help me?”

“My girl by mistake erased her iMessages on the iPhone. She isn’t as well happy about that. Is there any method to redownload them? Thanks in advance!.”

“Is it possible to retrieve lost messages from iPhone?”


iMessage is really a fantastic Apple’s Messages app, particularly whenever you sync all of your devices with each other to get into the long list of iMessage conversations. Plenty of iPhone users are looking for help to retrieve iMessage from iphone following they deleted them accidentally. The great news is that we got an iOS data decovery tool that may help you retrieve lost iMessages or other kind of data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Right here you may recover lost iMessages in 2 methods, one is to restore iPhone iMessages from iTunes backup files, the other one is to bring back iMessages contents by scanning your iPhone. You can do either mothod to get back your iMessages, contact, SMS, photos as well as other information files.

Download drfone for WindowsDownload drfone for iOS Mac version


Mothod 1: Restore files from iPhone directly

Step One. scan your iPhone with your pc

For iPhone 5S/5C/5/4S, the program’s window will be showed as below. You may simply click “Start Scan” to start scanning iPhone.

For iPhone 4/iPhone 3G, the window will probably see like this:

iPhone 4 connecting

1. click on the “Start” button.
2. Press the “Power” and “Home” buttons in your device with each other for exactly ten seconds.
3. After10 seconds, you are able to release the “Power” button right away, but keep holding the “Home” button. Following another 15 seconds, you will find out that you have entered the device method successfully and you could release the “Home” button now.

Note: A black status perhaps showed in your iPhone but it’s normal. Just go on. You will get your iPhone back to normal by clicking “Restart Device to Normal“.


Step two. Retrieve the lost iMessages on iPhone

Once you completed the previous steps, you may check the found data freely and save them in your Mac by clicking “Recover” button.

In case you only need to get message attachments from your iMessage, you can choose “Messages Attachments” for recovery. It contains all attachments from your iMessages.


Mothod two: Recover iMessages from iTunes Backup Files

Step 1. Select the iTunes Backup Files and scan it

You can find all backup files of your device type after you enter the recovery mode (because the window shown above. Select the one for your iPhone (usually choose the one with latest backup date, and start extracting it for your iMessage with “Start Scan” button.

Select the iTunes Backup


Step two. Retrieve deleted iMessage

Following scanning, the entire content from the backup file are showed in details. Select “Messages” on the left side on the window, and after that you can preview your messages and iMessage totally, and save them in your pc by clicking “Recover“.

Retrieve deleted iMessage from iTunes backup

You can choose “Messages Attachment” to retrieve message attachments inside your iMessage, which consists of all attachments out of your iMessages.

Download drfone for WindowsDownload drfone for iOS Mac version