According to the news from notebook manufacturers within the supply chain, according to the current supplier has received from Intel’s new generation Kaby Lake processor’s orders, and new processors will be used for the next generation of apple MacBook Pro.

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The news that Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processor will begin at the end of this year have been used in desktop products, but before Intel once pointed out in July, because of the initial production is limited, the first batch of Kaby Lake chip will not be used in the low-end products.

And before the first use of U series and Y series Kaby Lake processor products already have been sent to the retailers. Kaby Lake is the sixth generation of Skylake Intel processor after the seventh generation of processors, adopted 14 nm manufacture process, and increase the support of the second generation of USB 3.1, at the same time support the highest speed of 10 GBPS. Before Skylake and highest speed of the processor is only 5 GBPS, such as apple launched in this year’s 12 inch MacBook is still only in the first generation of USB 3.1 interface.

At the same time, Kaby Lake also supports 40 GBPS processor speed of Thunderbolt 3 interface, this interface based on USB 3.1 Type C, and it can support video and 60 hz / 4 k HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 2.0 video signals such as agreement.

Kaby Lake will also improve the speed of the integrated graphics, and has five different versions, and two designed for retina MacBook and MacBook Air, a version is suitable for the MacBook Pro, and the other two versions are suitable for high-power workstation and desktop PC.

Normally, as sample, apple will be in the production of new products to test a few months ago, then we will in mass production, and this time the message from the internal supply, also has considerable reference value.