Apple Apple smart Watch Watch one of the biggest characteristic is due to the built-in NFC chip support Apple Pay mobile payment, the user can use smart watches for shopping and payment. For Android Wear smart watch users, due to the lack of software support before, although in many products have already meet the demand on hardware, but the user will not be able to use the Android Pay function.

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But now, according To the latest news from the Android Police Android users will soon Wear smart watch can use click the Tap To Pay. Some people on the latest Google Play service decomposition, found some string involves the Tap To Pay related functions.

Android Police at the same time, points out that this is not the first time a hint that the Tap To Pay function but apparently Google Play is for the first time in full compliance with the Tap To Pay text messages, so it shows that in the future Android Wear of the update, the users will officially use is faster To the function of mobile payment.

Of course, this does not mean that the next Google Play in version 10.0 will formally Tap To Pay function, but now from this feature online has not been a too long time use. Although the specific form and the date is uncertain, but for the vast number of Android Wear smart watch users, is definitely a big news.