The best ways to move music and movies from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

The majority of smartphones can be made use of as a fantastic mobile music and songs and video player, such as the cool Samsung Galaxy Series. If you have one of them, say, Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note, chances are you wish to transfer your iTunes music and songs to Galaxy device for entertainment anytime and anywhere. The belowing guide will reveal you ways to move your preferred music and videos from iTunes to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note.

Below we recomend MobileGo for Android for you to make Android management easily. With its help you can straight transfer iTunes music and songs and videos to your Samsung Android phone wih ease. So that you can enjoy iTunes songs and films anytime and anywhere.

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Simple steps to move iTunes music and videos to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note to PC

Run the MobileGo for Android, connect your devices through USB cables.

2. Start to transfer media files to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

Click on either “Music” or “Video” in the left sidebar, click “Add” button (Add file or Add folder) to raise your file browser window, from which you can pick files to import from your computer system. You can likewise create new playlist, add new folder, and so on.

Hint: If you just move songs, you can simply click “Toolkit”)”Import iTunes Playlists”, it’s really basic.

At last, the software will prompt you whether you wish to fast transform the file to an Android-optimized format. If indeed, click “Yes”.

Ok, the files have actually been trasnfered to Samsung phone now. You can enjoy them easily. If you find a few of them are not playable, it because they are under the DRM protection, things will turn to be some different. You should apply an expert program to assist you to fix the problem.

Then you can use Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, which can help you eliminate DRM protection and convert files in between various formats with several clicks.

1.) Run the program, click “Add” button to import the DRM protected files to the software application

2.) Simply click the drop-down list of “Audio files to” and select MP3 from usual audio. For video files, you can likewise click “Video Files to” and select MP4/AVI as the output format.

3.) Then click “Start” button to begin DRM eliminating. The software will start the conversion instantly. After the conversion is completed, just click “Find Target” button and you will find all the converted files.


HP watchmaker cooperation with India

According to media reports, HP has reached a cooperation agreement with India watchmakers Titan, says it will jointly carry custom technology of smart watches, and its experience will not disturb our daily life. While in the field of smart watch, is not the major competitors, both in HP and Titan but HP has previously had actually had an cooperation with famous watchmakers mo movado, introduced a Motion and Bold Motion smart watches.

Titan is the world’s fifth largest watchmaker, the product is being marketed in 27 countries. And as the first attempt to Titan into smart watch market, Titan said this watch will bring the user’s unique way of life, but now its appearance has not released details, and will pick up the operating system and the final price is still uncertain.

From the perspective of the statement of HP and Titan, the smart watch will be the combination of science and technology and traditional, this means that this watch may not have big difference with traditional watches and, has intelligent function. Of course, there are other vendors tried this product strategy, such as tag heuer’s cost up to $1500 Carrera Connected smart watches, both has the appearance of luxury watches, and the use of the Android Wear operating system.

Titan at present most watches products price at $100 to $200, mostly and also some of the more basic styles, consider that HP and Titan launched smart watches the price of the product should not be too high, location more than Apple Watch and tag heuer Carrera Connected the possibility is not big.

Titan said this watch will make its debut at the end of the year before, and then will be on sale in India and some of the international market, but on sale area is unclear.


Samsung in the first quarter of next year to push Samsung Pay

According to Ubergizmo website reported that at present is quite competitive in the field of mobile payment, including PayPal, established manufacturers such as there are Apple (Apple Pay), Google (Android Pay) and Samsung (Samsung Pay), etc.

Working principle of their technology to a great extent, the same, so they are faced with the problem is: how much can enter the market? So far, Apple Pay slow in expanding the overseas market, but Apple recently announced that in addition to the United States and Britain, Apple will Pay landed in Australia and Canada market. Samsung seems to be in the mobile payment war also don’t want to be left behind.

SamMobile respect, Samsung clearly plan in China in the first quarter of next year, Spain and Britain and other countries introduced Samsung Pay. Samsung Pay has been delivering service in South Korea and the United States, only 1 million users in South Korea alone, this is a remarkable achievement.

Ubergizmo points out, this means that, if Samsung Pay into China, Spain and Britain, it covers the market will be more than Apple Pay, this is a big advantage. But Samsung Pay the present a big disadvantage is that it only supports the Samsung high-end flagship device. The personage inside course of study points out that once the Samsung Pay open to the Samsung device, the number of users will grow rapidly.


Microsoft will gave the company Lumia 950 xl users docking stations

Although the company in Lumia 950 and the company Lumia 950 xl is not officially on sale, but Microsoft has the two flagship model to take a lot of sales promotion policy. The unlisted recently, British and French market price first, Microsoft is now on its official mall decided to give away $99 worth of the company Lumia 950 XL users Display the Dock docking station, and the company Lumia 950 XL official pricing for $649.

But it is important to note that the offer has only to November 25 solstice this year, next year on January 31, Lumia 950 XL to buy the company users, and need to through the company Offers application exchange, activities and the deadline is next February 29th.

As a mainstay of the new generation Windows smartphone camp, one of the features of the company Lumia 950 and the company Lumia 950 XL is 10 Continuum Windows, it can make both the company’s flagship have similar to the desktop PC level work experience, but the premise is you have to have a Display of the Dock.

Display the Dock with a total of seven interface, including a mobile phone signal input interface, a Display Port interface, two HDMI interface and three USB, HDMI and DisplayPort interface is used to output video signal, and peripherals such as USB mouse and keyboard interface can be connected, portable and business properties.


Panasonic introduced the two-in-one three proofings notebook

Keyboard removable seal notebook now is no longer a new concept, but most of these products on the market are currently adopted ultra-thin design, smooth, light and portable, but for a man who often need to work in harsh environment or outdoor, if you want a removable keyboard notebook, seem to be three prevention and durability became the most important factor.

Recently, panasonic, announced that it has launched a new Toughbook 20 outdoor is three hybrid notebook series. 20 is a panasonic Toughbook newest flagship is three notebooks, and three level prevention is the world’s first hybrid notebook. Panasonic company introduction, Toughbook 20 MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F and various outdoor design criteria such as IP65.

If you are not familiar with the certification standards, in short, the Toughbook 20 can resist the electromagnetic interference meet these standards, whereabouts, shock, vibration, waterproof, high humidity, gravel, extreme temperature, etc all kinds of test.

And the core configuration, Toughbook 20 built-in Intel core M5-6Y57 vPro processors, the 10 professional version Windows operating system software pre-installed. Toughbook 20 also equipped with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels of a 10.1 -inch touch display, built-in SSD 128 gb SSD and 2600 mah capacity of the battery, and support the hotplug technology.

As a non ordinary users against three hybrid notebook, Toughbook 20 price does not poor, natural reached $3099, is expected to formally launch in February 2016.


E Fun 2-in-1 tablet Nextbook Flexx 9 open book

Following the successful launch of Windows 8.1 Tablet PC, E Fun has introduced the latest low-end 2-in-1 device –Nextbook Flexx 9.

Nextbook Flexx 9 used the 8.9 -inch IPS screen, a resolution of 1280 x, using a 1.83 GHz Intel Atom Z3735G quad-core Bay DDR3L Trail processor, 1 gb memory + 32 gb SSD 64 gb microSD expansion (support) and front/rear 2 million 300000 megapixel camera.

Set includes the Pogo the rid_device_info_keyboard (can be connected through the flat part at the bottom of the interface), the machine support wi-fi, bluetooth 4.0, a USB 2.0, a microUSB 2.0, and a microHDMI video output. In addition, it also built a three-axis accelerometer, for game players.

Nextbook Flexx 9 equipment with the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office 10 mobile version of the suite.

The machine has been scheduled by wal-mart, the price is $139, and it is contains the flat parts, and removable type keyboard, price.


DIY with smartphones display holographic stereo images

Holographic image usually is most commonly occurs in the science fiction film scene, we all think this technique appeared only in science fiction novels or movie, even if true it is possible that a few years later.

But today’s smartphone or tablet is fully capable of presents some basic image hologram scene, although it is small, is primary, but at least that’s very much like it. If you don’t believe in, take a look at this piece of video, the first such effect is also very simple, need only CD boxes, tape, pen, pen knife and smart phones can achieve such effect.

The whole process is simple, strong ability of friends can try yourself. It will cut into the shape of a isosceles trapezoid CD box, total need four. Then use adhesive tape paper will four trapezoidal small transparent plate joining together into a small pyramid, but bonded together.

Turn off the lights, the transparent pyramid upside down on the screen, and then use Mrwhosetheboss specially provide some demo video to test.


Nokia announced listed OZO panoramic camera

In Los Angeles, according to reports in July of this year, nokia launched a new hardware products – panoramic camera OZO virtual reality. After nearly three months of waiting, nokia announced that OZO will officially listed on November 30.

nokia ozo

OZO is a new generation of 360 degrees of audio, video camera. Nokia, OZO equipped with up to eight 8 synchronous cameras and microphones, can shoot stereoscopic 3 d video, audio, let users to get the real experience of virtual reality.

In addition, nokia hasn’t OZO provides professional matching software, allows users to experience real-time 3D video, without a panoramic photographs taken in advance. Film editing represent, however, can be tricky, but users can directly through the OculucRift VR headsets, such as for viewing.

There are excursion video studio (Jaunt Inc.) would like to will also support and use OZO for Hollywood, the entertainment, advertising and other industries, the most effective tools for making virtual reality film.

It is understood that the device by the nokia research and development laboratory, will be made in Finland, early is not geared to the needs of ordinary consumers, so the price also is not open.


Huawei Mate S configuration

On September 2, Huawei will launch a mobile phone, known as the shocked the world, and from the official information leakage, it will be dubbed the Mate S.

Now foreign mall officially revealed Oppomark also Mate S configuration and prices. “Given the site price is $599, equivalent to 3830 yuan. Its equipped with a 5.7 -inch 1080 p screen, touch pressure technology, carrying haisi kirin 935 eight processors, memory, combination of 3 gb of RAM (extensible) + 64 gb of storage space, pre – 8 million + 20 million rear camera, built-in 4100 mah battery, running on Android 5.1.1 EMUI 3.1 system, the fuselage thickness of 7.9 mm, 185 g in weight.

For pictures, is directly to Mate seven pictures to show.

To be honest Huawei Mate S configuration and highlight all of the price is not much, but similar to apple Force Touch Touch pressure technology, can achieve the result that shocked the world, still remains to be tested. As for a lot of people look forward to carrying Huawei haisi 950 real flagship Mate 8 , or want, and so on.


The right way to Rip Spotify to MP3

Spotify offers a new way for music fans to gain access to thousands and thousands of music and songs. It’s a excellent music application that you can enjoy music online, buthow you can save Spotify to MP3 files on your computer so that you could enjoy it offline?


Well, the article will show you a simple method to get songs from Spotify with a Spotify ripper program. If have searched with Google, you most likely have received several methods to do it, a few are straightforward and the others need extra pc skill-sets. I have tried them but I find out this way is the easiest. Simply follow the detailed tutorial as following


Step 1: Install the application

Just after downloading, set up and launch it.


Step 2: Begin to rip Spotify to MP3

Just after you enter into the primary interface, what you should do is to press the “Record” button on the upper-left corner. After that, find and enjoy the Spotify song you need to record in the browser.

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