360 – degree camera more and more popular, they not only can take out a staggering 360 – degree panoramic photos, can also through the virtual reality head to see, is very interesting. A 360 – degree camera, need to have a portable design, superior quality and the use of simple experience, 360 fly 4 k can be said to be the one to consider.

Compared to the first 360 fly, fly 360 4 k on the appearance of it seems to have no change, still with polyhedral surface spherical body, very fashionable, but it also further perfect the details of the. First of all, the 360 fly 4 k at the bottom of the tripod interface to a standard interface, means that it can be compatible with more common tripod; Second, it built in stereo microphone, sound recording effect is better; At the same time, the 360 fly fuselage support 4 k 10 meters waterproof. Finally, its a new ring at the bottom of the LED lights, can display state.

Hardware upgrades may be subtle, but the software part of the upgrade is more obvious. 360 fly team will almost all the possible functions into the camera software, let camera use more easily, users can adjust the various quality levels and effects, can even use 360 fly 4 k connection smartphone to broadcast live, delay no more than 20 seconds.

As for the quality, take a closer look at will find some marginal quality degradation, lack of the minor details, but overall is satisfactory. In general, 360 fly 4 k compared to its more perfect, the hardware and software upgrade to be able to experience in the use, is a worth considering.