The best ways to move music and movies from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

The majority of smartphones can be made use of as a fantastic mobile music and songs and video player, such as the cool Samsung Galaxy Series. If you have one of them, say, Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note, chances are you wish to transfer your iTunes music and songs to Galaxy device for entertainment anytime and anywhere. The belowing guide will reveal you ways to move your preferred music and videos from iTunes to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note.

Below we recomend MobileGo for Android for you to make Android management easily. With its help you can straight transfer iTunes music and songs and videos to your Samsung Android phone wih ease. So that you can enjoy iTunes songs and films anytime and anywhere.

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Simple steps to move iTunes music and videos to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note to PC

Run the MobileGo for Android, connect your devices through USB cables.

2. Start to transfer media files to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

Click on either “Music” or “Video” in the left sidebar, click “Add” button (Add file or Add folder) to raise your file browser window, from which you can pick files to import from your computer system. You can likewise create new playlist, add new folder, and so on.

Hint: If you just move songs, you can simply click “Toolkit”)”Import iTunes Playlists”, it’s really basic.

At last, the software will prompt you whether you wish to fast transform the file to an Android-optimized format. If indeed, click “Yes”.

Ok, the files have actually been trasnfered to Samsung phone now. You can enjoy them easily. If you find a few of them are not playable, it because they are under the DRM protection, things will turn to be some different. You should apply an expert program to assist you to fix the problem.

Then you can use Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, which can help you eliminate DRM protection and convert files in between various formats with several clicks.

1.) Run the program, click “Add” button to import the DRM protected files to the software application

2.) Simply click the drop-down list of “Audio files to” and select MP3 from usual audio. For video files, you can likewise click “Video Files to” and select MP4/AVI as the output format.

3.) Then click “Start” button to begin DRM eliminating. The software will start the conversion instantly. After the conversion is completed, just click “Find Target” button and you will find all the converted files.


Android Wear watches will support mobile payment

Apple Apple smart Watch Watch one of the biggest characteristic is due to the built-in NFC chip support Apple Pay mobile payment, the user can use smart watches for shopping and payment. For Android Wear smart watch users, due to the lack of software support before, although in many products have already meet the demand on hardware, but the user will not be able to use the Android Pay function.

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But now, according To the latest news from the Android Police Android users will soon Wear smart watch can use click the Tap To Pay. Some people on the latest Google Play service decomposition, found some string involves the Tap To Pay related functions.

Android Police at the same time, points out that this is not the first time a hint that the Tap To Pay function but apparently Google Play is for the first time in full compliance with the Tap To Pay text messages, so it shows that in the future Android Wear of the update, the users will officially use is faster To the function of mobile payment.

Of course, this does not mean that the next Google Play in version 10.0 will formally Tap To Pay function, but now from this feature online has not been a too long time use. Although the specific form and the date is uncertain, but for the vast number of Android Wear smart watch users, is definitely a big news.


Samsung A5 parameters of exposure

Last week, some netizens on twitter exposes the Galaxy A5 (2017) rendering, recently, Geekbench website also shed light on its parameters in detail.

Exterior aspect, the Galaxy A5 (2017) frame edge horn is fruity, before and after the fuselage cover glass panel, back round the subject, is adopted as a whole seems samsung S7.

It is understood that the Galaxy A5 model (2017) for positioning in the end, equipped with a 5.2 -inch 1080 p display, carrying eight core Exynos 7880 processor, Mali – T860 MP4 GPU, save as 3 gb, rear camera combination of pre – 5 million + 13 million pixels, the built-in 2900 mah battery capacity, will be pre-installed Android 6.0.1 operating system.

According to Geekbench website, the aircraft multi-core ran into 4692 points, mononuclear ran into 817 points.


Nokia will be announced in the non new equipment

In the past years, nokia has been in the MWC announced its new smartphones and other devices. Nokia announced today that its CEO will take part in the mobile world congress in 2017, and is likely to be announced a new cell phone.

MWC 2017 scheduled for February 27 solstice held on March 2, nokia chief executive Rajeev have thought it is said that will be released in the exhibition, is expected to be announced at least a nokia smartphone with a Android operating system.


Nikon launched three new portable camera movement

Nikon has just published their KeyMission image in the world expo 360 in more detail, and it is a nikon released early this year’s CES 360 – degree camera product. In addition, besides KeyMission 360, nikon is also issued two of this series of new products, are like GoPro support 4 k video taken KeyMission 170 sports camera and KeyMission 80 live camera. Three new KeyMission series camera product will be officially launched in October, which is launched the first portable camera nikon series products.

First is the KeyMission 360 of $499, at the beginning of this product in CES debut, but nikon did not disclose more details at the time, just said to take 360 degrees 4 k resolution video. Now we know the aircraft is more parameters, including the f / 2.0 aperture 20 million pixels SMOS sensors, and compared with samsung Gear 360 equipped with 10 million pixels, nikon KeyMission 360 can take better picture quality.

Before two weeks we have seen KeyMission 360 video demonstration, in effect than Gear 360 images clearer and more colorful, and 360 degrees of the seams of the video is not clear. So from the point of view of overall configuration, KeyMission 360 than 360 more professional some Gear. KeyMission 360 also supports 30 meters waterproof and 2 meters drop, and able to work under the environment of 10 degrees Celsius below zero.

KeyMission 170 followed by $399, it seems to have some similarities with GoPro Hero 4 Silver, with a rounded rectangle body design, and an aperture of the lens. At the same time, also equipped with a display screen on the back of the KeyMission 170, but doesn’t support touch operation, and the need to rely on the physical buttons next to the set. KeyMission 170, meanwhile, the same as the name has a 170 – degree wide Angle lens and 8.3 million pixels CMOS sensor, and support 4 k high-definition video shooting ability.

Also like KeyMission 360, 170 also supports this KeyMission 30 meters waterproof, 2 meters drop and 10 degrees below zero working environment.

Finally KeyMission 80 is $279, this is a super mini lightweight portable camera, and is equipped with two cameras before and after. The front-facing camera equipped with a 12000000 megapixel CMOS sensor and aperture of f / 2.0 and 80 – degree wide Angle lens, while the rear camera to 5 million pixels, the aperture to f / 2.2, and is equipped with a 1.75 -inch touch LCD display.
Nikon will KeyMission 80 as a portable camera, can replace smart phones to record life anytime and anywhere. Of course, it also can be used in some workplaces, after all, the design of the dual cameras or can be used for some special film.

Three nikon KeyMission series camera is supported by the latest Snapbridge application, compatible with Android and iOS, support bluetooth and wi-fi connection with low power consumption, users can uninterrupted will take pictures of video and synchronous to the smartphone.

Currently on the market that he could take 4 k 360 degrees high-definition video camera products is not much, so as a latecomer in the field of sports camera, nikon is thus the momentum.


Apple’s new MacBook Pro will use Intel’s seventh generation processor

According to the news from notebook manufacturers within the supply chain, according to the current supplier has received from Intel’s new generation Kaby Lake processor’s orders, and new processors will be used for the next generation of apple MacBook Pro.

Image result for Apple's new MacBook Pro will use Intel's seventh generation processor

The news that Intel’s seventh generation Kaby Lake processor will begin at the end of this year have been used in desktop products, but before Intel once pointed out in July, because of the initial production is limited, the first batch of Kaby Lake chip will not be used in the low-end products.

And before the first use of U series and Y series Kaby Lake processor products already have been sent to the retailers. Kaby Lake is the sixth generation of Skylake Intel processor after the seventh generation of processors, adopted 14 nm manufacture process, and increase the support of the second generation of USB 3.1, at the same time support the highest speed of 10 GBPS. Before Skylake and highest speed of the processor is only 5 GBPS, such as apple launched in this year’s 12 inch MacBook is still only in the first generation of USB 3.1 interface.

At the same time, Kaby Lake also supports 40 GBPS processor speed of Thunderbolt 3 interface, this interface based on USB 3.1 Type C, and it can support video and 60 hz / 4 k HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2 2.0 video signals such as agreement.

Kaby Lake will also improve the speed of the integrated graphics, and has five different versions, and two designed for retina MacBook and MacBook Air, a version is suitable for the MacBook Pro, and the other two versions are suitable for high-power workstation and desktop PC.

Normally, as sample, apple will be in the production of new products to test a few months ago, then we will in mass production, and this time the message from the internal supply, also has considerable reference value.


360 fly 4 k camera comprehensive evolution

360 – degree camera more and more popular, they not only can take out a staggering 360 – degree panoramic photos, can also through the virtual reality head to see, is very interesting. A 360 – degree camera, need to have a portable design, superior quality and the use of simple experience, 360 fly 4 k can be said to be the one to consider.

Compared to the first 360 fly, fly 360 4 k on the appearance of it seems to have no change, still with polyhedral surface spherical body, very fashionable, but it also further perfect the details of the. First of all, the 360 fly 4 k at the bottom of the tripod interface to a standard interface, means that it can be compatible with more common tripod; Second, it built in stereo microphone, sound recording effect is better; At the same time, the 360 fly fuselage support 4 k 10 meters waterproof. Finally, its a new ring at the bottom of the LED lights, can display state.

Hardware upgrades may be subtle, but the software part of the upgrade is more obvious. 360 fly team will almost all the possible functions into the camera software, let camera use more easily, users can adjust the various quality levels and effects, can even use 360 fly 4 k connection smartphone to broadcast live, delay no more than 20 seconds.

As for the quality, take a closer look at will find some marginal quality degradation, lack of the minor details, but overall is satisfactory. In general, 360 fly 4 k compared to its more perfect, the hardware and software upgrade to be able to experience in the use, is a worth considering.


White Moto Z Play exposure

Moto Z Play you won’t feel strange, after the frequent exposure has let us have a degree of knowledge of the machine features. And now, some netizens on tieba released a set of white version Moto Z Play real machine pictures, and confirm that the metal frame + glass back cover design, and support the modular components and function of three card slot, may be released on September 8, as for mobile phone price is 2500 yuan or so.

From the netizen exposure the white version of the Moto Z Play real machine photos, the machine Moto Z series than other models of a major change is the fuselage material change to the glass back cover + metal box, at the same time, the Logo of the jaw has been removed, and change in the lower part of the receiver, still retains a family-owned square Home button, and integrate the function of fingerprint identification.

Moto Z Paly on the back of the design is also the continuation of the family, the camera has obvious bulge, and have the Moto Logo tag, is at the bottom of the contact with modular parts. In addition, the machine is still in the USB – C interface at the same time keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack, although the body thickness of 6.99 mm is slightly thicker than other family members, but it has Moto Z and so on three models do not have the card slot.

As for Moto Z Play the main hardware specifications, according to the leaked information display, the machine will be equipped with 5.5 in the 1080 p a touch screen, and used the OLED panel, with 3 gb of RAM + 64 gb ROM storage combination, support memory card extension; Also loaded with 5 million pixels front lens and a 16000000 megapixel camera, including laser focus, and other functions are the same as the Moto Z. In addition, it also carries Android6.0.1 system, equipped with 2.0 GHz Xiao eight dragon core processor, and the exposure of real machine has determined the phone name for Moto Z Play.

Moto Z Play mah battery, will be equipped with 3300/3510 support fully netcom and double card double stay function. Although the charger model different from Moto Z, but also support 5.0 V / 3 a output, also is to have quick charge function. While using modular function, can shuttle MOTOROLA has launched several modular parts.

But, perhaps was because of market positioning, Moto Z Play legal channels carry is native style version of the 3.5 interface Vibe, in addition to the and wave light screen and infrared sensor. At the same time as the running website Geekbench database, the model for XT1635 emerged in the run – 01 point result and part of the configuration, so they would not rule out in other markets overseas version of the possible, as for the specification has no change, still is 625 (MSM8953) processor Xiao dragon, with 3 gb of memory and carrying Android 6.0.1 system.


The new generation Gear VR 2 photos exposure

According to the recent exposure of, samsung upcoming Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, one of the biggest change is equipped with a USB Type – C interface, and from the perspective of the photos of all the exposure, seem to confirm this claim, but also the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack is still retained.

In addition, at the same time with the Galaxy Note 7 appearance also includes a new generation of Gear VR 2 virtual reality helmet, as a result of current Gear VR is using a microUSB interface, so we can not compatible with the Galaxy Note 7, will launch a new generation of products, at the same time, the price of this kind of Gear VR 2 around 90 euros.

And now, in addition to price, Gear VR 2 photos first appeared in front of us. Look from the picture, Gear VR 2 except to switch to USB Type – C interface also USES all black color, and also a slight change in the front part of the design.

It is unclear what the new generation of Gear VR 2 only supports the Galaxy Note 7 is compatible with, including the Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge before use microUSB interface devices. In addition for Gear VR 2, samsung is likely to add new sensors, increase wearing comfort, enhance the user experience. And all we will wait until August 2 conference to a outcome.


White version Zeppelin Wireless

The audio manufacturers Bowers & Wilkins has released the Zeppelin Wireless white version of Wireless speaker, supplement appeared a few months ago black models. B&W said white more keep up, as well as more than the black edition is suitable for part of the interior decoration style.

White version Zeppelin Wireless still continued the airship modelling design of the same, but the five new drive unit at the same time, a pair of and CM series speaker the same Double Dome tweeters, as well as the size and 6.5 inches long voice coil subwoofer, available in volume to maintain strong heavy bass effect.

In addition, the new Zeppelin Wireless front plate thickening, 50% chamber wall has glass fibre strengthening rib arch. Its digital signal processing function has been strengthened, also provides services Connect, apple AirPlay and bluetooth aptX three wireless connection. Users can Mac, PC and iOS version of the Bowers & Wilkins Control applications to Control it.


Samsung S7 Edge will be a customised version

News recently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a custom batman edition will be released this month, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge version of the Olympic Games, the service will be opened on August 6, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games.

From the perspective of the rendering of has been exposed, the Olympic version S7 Edge based on the black style, joined the multiple elements of the Olympic Games, such as positive receiver, Home button, metal ring is golden, the back of the camera and flash metal ring is blue, the Olympic rings and a blue below LOGO, in addition the fuselage side power key to red, the volume button is green.

Configuration should be consistent with normal version, but Samsung said will bring the games of the virtual reality experience, therefore may bind special edition of the Gear VR, and add some Olympic related applications. Price aspects must be higher than the normal version, as to how high it is unknown.

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