The best ways to move music and movies from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

The majority of smartphones can be made use of as a fantastic mobile music and songs and video player, such as the cool Samsung Galaxy Series. If you have one of them, say, Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note, chances are you wish to transfer your iTunes music and songs to Galaxy device for entertainment anytime and anywhere. The belowing guide will reveal you ways to move your preferred music and videos from iTunes to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note.

Below we recomend MobileGo for Android for you to make Android management easily. With its help you can straight transfer iTunes music and songs and videos to your Samsung Android phone wih ease. So that you can enjoy iTunes songs and films anytime and anywhere.

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Simple steps to move iTunes music and videos to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note to PC

Run the MobileGo for Android, connect your devices through USB cables.

2. Start to transfer media files to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

Click on either “Music” or “Video” in the left sidebar, click “Add” button (Add file or Add folder) to raise your file browser window, from which you can pick files to import from your computer system. You can likewise create new playlist, add new folder, and so on.

Hint: If you just move songs, you can simply click “Toolkit”)”Import iTunes Playlists”, it’s really basic.

At last, the software will prompt you whether you wish to fast transform the file to an Android-optimized format. If indeed, click “Yes”.

Ok, the files have actually been trasnfered to Samsung phone now. You can enjoy them easily. If you find a few of them are not playable, it because they are under the DRM protection, things will turn to be some different. You should apply an expert program to assist you to fix the problem.

Then you can use Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, which can help you eliminate DRM protection and convert files in between various formats with several clicks.

1.) Run the program, click “Add” button to import the DRM protected files to the software application

2.) Simply click the drop-down list of “Audio files to” and select MP3 from usual audio. For video files, you can likewise click “Video Files to” and select MP4/AVI as the output format.

3.) Then click “Start” button to begin DRM eliminating. The software will start the conversion instantly. After the conversion is completed, just click “Find Target” button and you will find all the converted files.


HTC One M10 specifications exposure for the first time

Although the upcoming flagship new compared to other manufacturers, HTC One M10 seem much mystery, but there are still a lot of message is emerged recently. By @ evleaks in website Venturebeat article disclosed the HTC One M10 configuration part of the specification.

HTC One M10

According to @ evleaks disclosure, HTC this upcoming flagship model code “Perfume”, enter the retail market in the future will be named HTC One M10, and used in accordance with the prototype of the insiders revealed that, the machine will be equipped with 5.1 inch 2 k resolution touchscreen, and seems to be used is AMOLED
panel, carrying Android6.0.1 system and HTC Sense 8.0 interface. In addition, the HTC One M10 are positive on the home button of integrated the function of fingerprint identification.

HTC One M10

According to the insiders, however, because of the HTC One M10 appearance still have may change, so now talk about what the machine design is not necessary. After, @ evleaks twitter said, if you like the HTC A9, so would like HTC M10, seems to HTC One M10 design will continue to HTC One A9 style.

As for HTC One M10 main hardware specifications, the machine will carry snapdragon 820 processor and 530 Adreno graphics chip, with 4 gb of RAM + 32 gb ROM storage combination, minus the system in terms of storage capacity and the pre-installed software will offer users using 23 gb, and supports the memory card extension.

HTC will also improve the quality of imaging of cell phone camera, the HTC One M8 and M9 also use 4 million pixels UltraPixe lens and try after 20 million pixels main cameras, the machine will use the new 12 million pixels UltraPixe lens, and supporting auxiliary focusing laser and optical image stabilization function. But temporarily not clear this sensor related technical specifications, a single pixel expected to have large size, in order to gain higher into the light, and to improve the imaging quality. In addition, the machine will also be for the front lens in optical image stabilization function, this clearly does not see more in the industry.

But unlike previous products, HTC One M10 this seems to be canceled the front double speaker design, performance in sound quality will be affected, or how other HTC adopted design, temporarily no other more information.

As for the machine’s release time, HTC One M10 MWC meeting will not be at the end of February, but will choose One at a later time dedicated to hold conference officially launched the new flagship. But is not clear yet a specific release date and the future sales price, but access to the machine insiders seem to HTC One M10 future prospects are optimistic, think that should be welcomed by the market.


LG G5 more news exposure

LG officials had earlier announced that will be held on February 21, product launches, and said it will launch its new smartphones on MWC, long-awaited LG G5 seems to be coming.

At present released third-party accessories LG G5 rendering, made clear the G5 will adopts the design of dual cameras, fingerprint identification is designed in the back of the fuselage. Accessories part no opening of the power button, or integrate with fingerprint identification.

LG volume key G5 be moved to the fuselage side, is at the bottom of the USB Type – C interface. It is reported, LG G5 with integration all metal body design, screen resolution for the 2 k levels. Processors use qualcomm snapdragon 820, carrying 3 g transport and 32 gb storage fuselage, run Android 6.0 system.

According to previous exposure, LG G5 will add Magic Slot function, VR cameras can access to 360 degrees, such as physical keyboard intelligent hardware modules.


LG G5 or replace the battery with sliding module

LG has released during the Barcelona MWC congress on February 21, invitations, and in the non on LG will probably bring a new generation of flagship model LG G5. And according to the latest news from South Korea media said, LG G5 will likely be a similar modular design.

Modular cell phone mentioned, we first thought must be a Google Project Ara Project, but for now LG G5 design does not like the Project Ara modularization all mobile phones, it may through modularization to synchronous implementation metal fuselage and replaceable battery.

Obviously, at present the whole smartphone market began to beautiful and with the integration of body and give up the design of the removable battery, LG is one of the few still retains the characteristics of one of the mainstream manufacturers. This year, LG in order to design more thin body, apparently also want to give up the traditional removable battery. LG also has its own solution, that is at the bottom of the battery design on the G5, adopts the modular approach to remove to taxi out.

Of course, adopt the design consideration to the speaker, USB interface, microphones and other components, but for LG should be is not a problem. Other sources said LG to further streamline new flagship of the thickness of the fuselage, and also to join in the side screen elements, at the same time to join the fingerprint recognition on the back.

Other configuration, said LG before the G5 will be equipped with a 5.3 -inch display, and like the V10 is equipped with a pair of display. At the same time, LG G5 will use the new flagship Snapdragon 820 processor, and equipped with 16 million pixels main camera and 16 million pixels front-facing camera.


Wondershare Tidy My Music Comment

If you’re like me and fancy yourself to become a closet DJ, then having actually a well organized iTunes library is a must. I enjoy my music, but with a library of over 4000 tunes, I have a hard time to keep things good and neat previously– thanks to TidyMyMusic.

What is it?
Wondershare TidyMyMusic is an all-in-one tool that help you take care of mislabeled songs, download album art, lyrics and get rid of duplicate tracks. It may generate you crazy when missing out on info like “Unknown Artist” and “Track 01” continuously shows up in your music folders or iTunes library, specifically if you choose a clean and well-organized music collection. Don’t let it destroy your day and attempt TidyMyMusic for Mac to entirely enhance your music experience. By utilizing an advanced acoustic finger print search, it can quickly and properly discover missing details, the ID3 tags such as artists, track names, album, style and far more. Besides that, you will also have the ability to obtain album arts and lyrics. Exactly what’s more, it searches out double tunes and you can eliminate them to conserve valuable room.

In Action:
As soon as TidyMyMusic evaluates your files, it will automatically find album covers, set data, and discover duplicates. If it doesn’t know the song, then it will tag it for you to manually add data. In my case, there were some 80 songs that I needed to manually go through to include the year and album name to. Other than that, TidyMyMusic handled practically everything, although a good deal of my music collection was currently in better than average shape. For the 80 or two tunes that it could not recognize, I did need to go through and manually click’re-identify’ on every one. This would be a lot less time taking in if you had fewer unidentifieds, but it was around 1 % of my music collection, so I can’t complain.

It should also be noted that a lot of it was indie music that wouldn’t remain in the Gracenote Database utilized by WonderShare. It did however get a few of my indie music incorrect. For instance, I have actually a track identified ‘Sloppy Kiss’ by “Money and Cobain”, and it re-titled it ‘Eddie Veder’ by ‘Local H’. In spite of that, you actually cannot anticipate this sort of program to deal with indie music. You will wish to go through things really rapidly making sure that it has everything appropriate. Then, you can click ‘Apply All’ and kick back and await it to use everything to your real collection. The whole process took about 2 seconds per song for my collection.

Scrolling through my iTunes, I noticed a minimum of a lots albums that had actually formerly had incorrect or no album covers upgraded. In general, while it did have it’s defects, and it took numerous hours for a music collection of my size, I’m quite happy with it. It took care of tags and music information consisting of album and release year, and also discovered missing album art work, which was quite nice.

If you decide to attempt WonderShare yourself, you can modify approximately 10 songs totally free. Otherwise it costs $39.


Oculus, Samsung, and lebron James cooperation with VR

Oculus, Samsung, and NBA star lebron James on Christmas day announced the launch content cooperation, through the Samsung Gear VR provide virtual reality video from James “Striving for Greatness”.

At present, the user can through the Oculus Store or Samsung Milk VR download this video. Video content about James for NBA games in training. Video producers for Oculus Studios and James’s Uninterrupted, and directed by Flix & Paul Studios.

This video length is about 12 minutes, shows a good virtual reality technology. The personage inside course of study is generally believed that 2016 will be a virtual reality technology breakthrough year.


Rumors of LG pushed at CES 77 inches flexible OLED TV

LG Display and LG electronics will be launched in a new CES exhibition on flexible OLED products. According to people familiar with the industry said: “is a new technology, flexible if LG Display launched 100 inches large flexible OLED TV, we won’t be surprised.” Sources added that LG is likely to launch 77 – inch flexible OLED TV, this is the company can produce the maximum size of the TV.

LG Display has been in production of 55 inch, 65 – inch, 77 – inch OLED Display screen, it is used in LG electronics on TV. An unnamed LG managers said: “we have mastered the key technology of flexible OLED screen, but the market demand is still failed to meet expectations. So we are still considering whether should be mass production flexible OLED panel.”

As for how to OLED TV at CES propaganda, LG electronics declined to give details. Last June, LG Display has launched 18-inch flexible OLED TV, its panel as thin as paper. 18 inch screen can curl, radius of only 3cm, and the launch of LG Display at CES products cannot curl.

Recently the company also announced that 2017 will be developed more than 60 inches before the UHD transparent flexible OLED panel. LG Display is a large OLED TV market leader, main rival samsung electronics research and development of intelligent equipment using small OLED panel.


Fact that Huawei kirin 650 will integrate the CDMA baseband

Recently, weibo users @ Steven pan, Huawei will be launched in 2016 and middle of kirin 650 processor, it will integrate Huawei CDMA baseband of independent research and development.

Compared with other vendors, qualcomm in terms of quality and quantity of CDMA standard patent has great advantage. Previously, Huawei adopted on the basis of the original baseband CDMA baseband plugin, but it can lead to increased power consumption, stability.

Although not sure Huawei haisi authorized exactly from qualcomm CDMA, or other communications companies, but what is clear is that integration of autonomous CDMA baseband kirin 650 processor will be more stable, and a lower power consumption.


Rumours of LG G5 MWC debut next year

Is coming to an end in 2015, the annual industry gathering MWC2016 also is coming. According to local media reports, LG or will be released in February to advance the next generation of flagship model LG G5, and will soon launch in the global market, allegedly will adopt a one-piece metal fuselage design and equipped with an iris recognition.

Now the LG new flagship has a more specific launch time, according to south Korean media disclosed latest news shows that LG will advance to the G5 officially launched in February 2016, is expected to likely debut at MWC meeting.

Despite the message has not been LG officially confirmed, but due to the rumors, LG will be snapdragon 820 processor two starting one of the manufacturers. So in snapdragon 820 processor will ship in the first quarter of next year, as starting manufacturers LG might happen at the end of February officially launched LG G5, MWC convention and be among the first to carry the intelligent flagship of the processor on sale in the global market.


Google to lego Project Fi users

Those lucky few and Google “Project Fi” mobile Internet business users, received a mail from strange parcel this week. Containing A set of “lego blocks -” when you put the correct assembly of, get A chic mobile phone support, in addition to A USB – C standard USB – A interface cable. It is worth mentioning that these building blocks are made by Google, does it have a brand name of “Fi” mark, not all preconceptions as “lego” (although both can seamless combination).

These building blocks of color is very “different”, only the corresponding Google “Project Fi” brand green, blue, yellow, white 4 colors.

Google send the USBC – cable, possible and to encourage those who temporarily not purchase the Nexus 6p users try to consider their own equipment (or the upcoming new equipment).

With this USBC – the length of the cable just enough to you from the wall socket to the location of the bedside lamp.

Finally, Google is also in the thank-you letter wrote: “thank you for your support, let us hand in hand to build”.


HP watchmaker cooperation with India

According to media reports, HP has reached a cooperation agreement with India watchmakers Titan, says it will jointly carry custom technology of smart watches, and its experience will not disturb our daily life. While in the field of smart watch, is not the major competitors, both in HP and Titan but HP has previously had actually had an cooperation with famous watchmakers mo movado, introduced a Motion and Bold Motion smart watches.

Titan is the world’s fifth largest watchmaker, the product is being marketed in 27 countries. And as the first attempt to Titan into smart watch market, Titan said this watch will bring the user’s unique way of life, but now its appearance has not released details, and will pick up the operating system and the final price is still uncertain.

From the perspective of the statement of HP and Titan, the smart watch will be the combination of science and technology and traditional, this means that this watch may not have big difference with traditional watches and, has intelligent function. Of course, there are other vendors tried this product strategy, such as tag heuer’s cost up to $1500 Carrera Connected smart watches, both has the appearance of luxury watches, and the use of the Android Wear operating system.

Titan at present most watches products price at $100 to $200, mostly and also some of the more basic styles, consider that HP and Titan launched smart watches the price of the product should not be too high, location more than Apple Watch and tag heuer Carrera Connected the possibility is not big.

Titan said this watch will make its debut at the end of the year before, and then will be on sale in India and some of the international market, but on sale area is unclear.

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