The best ways to move music and movies from iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

The majority of smartphones can be made use of as a fantastic mobile music and songs and video player, such as the cool Samsung Galaxy Series. If you have one of them, say, Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note, chances are you wish to transfer your iTunes music and songs to Galaxy device for entertainment anytime and anywhere. The belowing guide will reveal you ways to move your preferred music and videos from iTunes to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note.

Below we recomend MobileGo for Android for you to make Android management easily. With its help you can straight transfer iTunes music and songs and videos to your Samsung Android phone wih ease. So that you can enjoy iTunes songs and films anytime and anywhere.

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Simple steps to move iTunes music and videos to Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note to PC

Run the MobileGo for Android, connect your devices through USB cables.

2. Start to transfer media files to Samsung Galaxy S4/S5/S6/Note

Click on either “Music” or “Video” in the left sidebar, click “Add” button (Add file or Add folder) to raise your file browser window, from which you can pick files to import from your computer system. You can likewise create new playlist, add new folder, and so on.

Hint: If you just move songs, you can simply click “Toolkit”)”Import iTunes Playlists”, it’s really basic.

At last, the software will prompt you whether you wish to fast transform the file to an Android-optimized format. If indeed, click “Yes”.

Ok, the files have actually been trasnfered to Samsung phone now. You can enjoy them easily. If you find a few of them are not playable, it because they are under the DRM protection, things will turn to be some different. You should apply an expert program to assist you to fix the problem.

Then you can use Aimersoft DRM Media Converter, which can help you eliminate DRM protection and convert files in between various formats with several clicks.

1.) Run the program, click “Add” button to import the DRM protected files to the software application

2.) Simply click the drop-down list of “Audio files to” and select MP3 from usual audio. For video files, you can likewise click “Video Files to” and select MP4/AVI as the output format.

3.) Then click “Start” button to begin DRM eliminating. The software will start the conversion instantly. After the conversion is completed, just click “Find Target” button and you will find all the converted files.


White version Zeppelin Wireless

The audio manufacturers Bowers & Wilkins has released the Zeppelin Wireless white version of Wireless speaker, supplement appeared a few months ago black models. B&W said white more keep up, as well as more than the black edition is suitable for part of the interior decoration style.

White version Zeppelin Wireless still continued the airship modelling design of the same, but the five new drive unit at the same time, a pair of and CM series speaker the same Double Dome tweeters, as well as the size and 6.5 inches long voice coil subwoofer, available in volume to maintain strong heavy bass effect.

In addition, the new Zeppelin Wireless front plate thickening, 50% chamber wall has glass fibre strengthening rib arch. Its digital signal processing function has been strengthened, also provides services Connect, apple AirPlay and bluetooth aptX three wireless connection. Users can Mac, PC and iOS version of the Bowers & Wilkins Control applications to Control it.


Samsung S7 Edge will be a customised version

News recently, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a custom batman edition will be released this month, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge version of the Olympic Games, the service will be opened on August 6, Rio DE janeiro Olympic Games.

From the perspective of the rendering of has been exposed, the Olympic version S7 Edge based on the black style, joined the multiple elements of the Olympic Games, such as positive receiver, Home button, metal ring is golden, the back of the camera and flash metal ring is blue, the Olympic rings and a blue below LOGO, in addition the fuselage side power key to red, the volume button is green.

Configuration should be consistent with normal version, but Samsung said will bring the games of the virtual reality experience, therefore may bind special edition of the Gear VR, and add some Olympic related applications. Price aspects must be higher than the normal version, as to how high it is unknown.


How to Edit Protected PDF in Mac OS X.

Once extracted will PDF code limit, you if move to their part: edit PDF at Mac. To edit PDF, download a PDF editor first. Right here I ‘d passionately suggest shoppers Wondershare PDFelement for the Mac, a certified and cost-efficient PDF Editor.


Wondershare PDFelement for the Mac comes through a user-friendly interface. Individuals, such as people complete not really understand desktop computer talents kind of so, become enabled to update PDF text, image, graphics, and pages. Each your equipment become displayed in the toolbar. A person can even click personalize on that the best of the main software to pull as well as drop appliances to the toolbar. Once editing and enhancing a PDF document with it, view the system in the toolbar, action mouse over the PDF document to edit.

Modify Protected PDF in Mac OS X.

Step 1. Modify Code Protected PDF Text.
To edit PDF content, a person want to hit on the” modify” button at input towards the editing and enhancing form. Provided we hope to change something concerning that the text, one could push ones lines additionally twice view on top of they as well as you will creect the text. In case one wish inside add a couple book, a person c the best n check out all “Add Text” key as well as and then increase mouse click the place wherein we really want in order to place ones content.

Change PDF in Mac OS X.

Step 2. Update Password Protected PDF Pages
Provided we choose to insert report, we must regulate touch PDF thumbnail in your left part and/or and then options will likely arise. One will click on that the “Insert Pages” menu and with clicking on that a person can place “A Blank Page” or “From File”. Shoppers do furthermore erase page, substitute pages, extract documents, crop documents, switch sites and pattern posts. Nearly all ones selection are at” listings” symbol at ones right side menu.

Revise Secure PDF in Mac OS X.

Step 3. Change Password Secure PDF Images
Touch on” Edit” button on type modifying means as well as a person might view in their “Add Image” button in the submenu. Next you does select their impression after their computing additionally drag it in to the PDF file. By double pressing to their photo, one does exchange, pull or trim the impression.

Things is extremely fast towards change code protected PDF in Mac OS X to Microsoft windows. Concerning comprehensive information, remember understand it is guidelines.


South Korean company confirmation Note 7 will match the iris recognition

New Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones in the second half of the year and we meet, and related to the rumors have been constantly emerging. There are rumours that, before the Galaxy Note 7 will be equipped with an iris sensor, but also further confirmed the latest Revelations that notion.

According to south Korean media reports, south Korean image technology company Patron in “months ago” won the Galaxy Note 7 sole supply biometric and iris camera module. Before that, we have also seen a display of Galaxy Note 7 iris scanning function of screenshots. Thus, Note 7 support iris scans the credible degree is quite high.

Although the new Galaxy Note not samsung support the iris scanning equipment, but it is the first in the global sales of high-paying iris scanning smartphones. Samsung Galaxy Tab released at the end of last month Iris tablet already possess the function of Iris scans, but it is an office equipment for Indian government institutions.


Microsoft started to develop AR platform

Microsoft recently announced that it would open Windows Holographic, partners can be based on the platform design of similar HoloLens augmented reality glasses, a similar HTC Vive virtual reality on his head, fully compatible with VR and AR technology, like many PC makers computer products designed based on Windows. Sounds, Microsoft’s new platform than Google Daydream more appealing.

At present, the virtual reality platform is very fragmented, which Facebook has Oculus, HTC Vive rely on SteamVR designed for their own PS4 game, SONY PlayStation VR, Google is the Android mobile phone customization the Daydream. Obviously, each platform has some limitations, Microsoft is hoping to change this situation, Windows is currently the only can support the VR and AR platform.

Although the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can run on Windows, but did not actually a real exclusive platform, the appearance of Windows holographic can change this situation, developers can more systematically develop applications and games, make it more convenient for consumers to use, rather than from the Oculus or the content of steam store. In addition, people will see more virtual reality games, after all, Microsoft is itself with the first basket of the Taiwanese game business, appeal is very strong.

And, of course, there are still some problems unsolved, such as HoloLens high prices in the consuming market seems to be difficult to popularize, and Microsoft open platform, other manufacturers products may have impact on the HoloLens. In addition, after the demo HoloLens is all about augmented reality, so how to deal with virtual reality Windows holographic platform is an open question. However, a comprehensive platform of VR/AR, or exciting, don’t ignore the powerful appeal of Windows.


Flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 6 or curved surface screen version

More than half 2016, for Samsung mobile phones, first, the next generation of Note is obviously the most important products. According to the latest news, the Galaxy Note 6 May have a curved screen version.

And India import and export of website of a cargo list exposes this time of the message, the phone code shown in the figure for SM – N935G. Considering the code is Note5 N920 S7 edge is G935, then this number peculiar product will have a chance would be Note 6, and curved surface screen version.


Lenovo issued 510s all-in-one

Lenovo issued 510s all-in-one PC, the product with “without borders” slim body design, the overall visual impact is very strong, whether home or office use is very good appearance, high level of choice.

510 s using 2 mm ultra narrow frame display design, built-in IPS 23 inches full hd screen, visual Angle of 178 ° fuselage thickness of only 7.2 mm, equal to the thickness of a normal mobile phone, and light in weight 4.4 kg, concise and easy appearance whether it is in use in the home, or in the office environment, can bring good visual enjoyment.

In details, it is equipped with lenovo patent press type 1080 p hd hidden cameras, more than 5000 times the pressure test of inspection, to ensure the durability, but also protect the privacy of users. “Mermaid” timbering, support screen pitching Angle – 5 ~ 30 degrees, basic meet the daily use.

Hardware, 510 s top pick up latest sixth generation of Intel core i7 processor, nvidia GF930A 2 g independent video card, memory and DDR4-2133, although the overall positioning is not high, but the basic daily use can play.

Also 510S is equipped with advanced 802.11AC card, equipped with advanced support 2.4 G and 5 G dual-band, cooperate with the fourth generation of dolby home theater technology, can to a certain extent, promote sound.

At present, the lenovo’s official website mall has officially launched the 510 s of the preferential booking online.


Samsung S7 Active configuration in detail

In addition to Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S series, but also specifically to create derivative versions of three anti. The Galaxy S Active Series flagship model, although not as pretty, but the water resistance and drop resistance properties, but have a greater advantage. In regard to whether Samsung will launch this year has been inconclusive before Galaxy S7 Active, until the end of March on the official list of the emergence of Samsung Galaxy S7 Active figure, and later said to have exposed a Galaxy S7 Active spy, from the photo with the Galaxy S6 Active and there is not much difference.

And now, the Galaxy S7 Active in GFXBench points on the website, and we can see on the aircraft configuration in detail. Not surprisingly, the Galaxy S7 basic consistent with the Galaxy S7 Active on hardware, including Snapdragon 820 processor, 4 gb of RAM, and 12000000 megapixel camera and QHD screen resolution, etc. But on the battery capacity, the Galaxy S7 Active will improve a lot, than the Galaxy S7 could even reach the Galaxy S7 3600 mah capacity of Edge level.

In fact, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge itself all have waterproof dustproof features, so the Galaxy S7 there will be further promoted, Active in the function will reach the MIL – STD – 810G is the military level. This means that in addition to waterproof, Galaxy S7 Active will also have high pressure resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance properties.


The Samsung Galaxy series A or add new

Samsung recently seems to be to be A member for A series of new: A symbol of SM – A430U models in the on site Zauba India imports and exports, according to the usual naming rule, this is probably the Samsung Galaxy A4.

Unfortunately, the site does not see the outline of the goods, that is to say, in addition to the code and we guess, this kind of mobile phone hardware configuration we know nothing. But the rhythm of the main appearance level must be double glass.


Two new handsets exposure blackberry

Blackberry’s forthcoming two other Android smartphone spy has been exposed on the Internet. Both blackberry phone code at Hamburg and Rome respectively, still accord with the blackberry in the name of the city as a product development code of practice.

First of all, the symbol of Hamburg, new did not equipped with the blackberry for physical keyboard, or it may also be adopted and Priv slide design, will be hidden under the keyboard. But from this picture of exposure, unable to draw conclusions. Photos from the front to see, however, the overall design is very concise atmospheric.

Look from the picture, Hamburg’s long and 146 mm and 78 mm respectively, at the same time in a close-up, we see the BlackBerry is to switch to the new Logo, the original BlackBerry BlackBerry changed to uppercase, all at the same time the power button on the left side of the fuselage, the volume button on the right, the metal body, and grille loudspeaker designed at the bottom of the screen.

It is reported, the Hamburg would be released in the second half of this year, at about $400, so this new handsets the location should be in the end of the product.

And the other a Rome apparently equipped with obvious physical keyboard, and screen in the same plane, similar to a Passport, but using the traditional rectangular design. At the same time, Rome also use the new Logo change after the blackberry.

But in addition to photos, Rome’s configuration and release time, price and other information are available.

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